Exhibiting in the US market requires a completely different technical and logistic approach compared to that required in the European market. Planning properly all production processes, during all project execution phases, is fundamental in order to provide the best value for money.

We offer full service, from design to project completion, from logistics to the filling out of all forms.

We design individual stands, as well as trade shows of Italian design, and adapt them to the dynamics of the US market, with the purpose of reducing high, and oftentimes prohibitive, costs of American trade shows, while preserving high quality and exhibition aesthetics. 

Our experience in the United States has allowed us to learn in-depth the American tradeshow dynamics, and to establish a network of suppliers of qualified services (fitters, union labor, tracking) who can provide cost-effectively high quality standards while operating alongside our Italian teams. 



Technical regulations, costs of services and logistics vary based on the exhibition center and the type of trade show. It is indispensable to read the exhibitor manual provided by the organizing entity prior to proceeding with the creation of the trade fair stand.

In America, in addition to the costs for the exhibition space and the trade fair stand, it is also important to consider the costs for material transport and handling (Drayage), and for labor, almost always exclusively in the hands of unions. (Union Labor).



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