“The marketing of intangible factors allows turning the product or service of any product sector, territory, or Italy itself, into a highly value-added product/service offer”

Intangible Marketing by Annamaria Milesi


Exhibition Design originated from an idea of Carlo and Roberta in 2002, at a time when organizing trade shows and events was based principally on the sale of exhibition spaces and when services, and related issues were not a primary need.
Exhibition Design has a specific objective: implementing a trend reversal, and allow the exhibition space to be the last link in a long chain of services related to the exhibition itself.

Today, Exhibition Design is a design studio with a registered office in Milan, which operates throughout Europe and the U.S., and deals with trade shows, events, interior design, and graphics. The studio is known for its know-how and high quality of the skills and services it offers.

Long years of international experience in the field have allowed the founders of Exhibition Design to turn any space not just into an exhibition space, but also into a true enjoyable experience.

Each project is unique, custom-made, engaging, and unforgettable.

Carlo and Roberta prefer defining themselves as “atmosphere creators,” and “providers of space and emotions.”

Exhibition Design boasts a wide range of highly specialized technical partners and communications professionals who make the design studio versatile, continuously evolving, and prepared to manage the production process from its initial analysis to its final delivery.

The Company’s DNA is characterized by creativity, research, passion, and innovative taste.




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